Who, How And Why On Earth...

The world is a finer place when there is a fantastic hostelry in the neighbourhood, and the English really do this brilliantly (as of course do the Irish, Scots and Welsh, but for this story let’s stick with the English). Thus when pub aficionado Eddie and his long suffering Mrs, Buffy stumbled across the Old Ale House their destiny was sealed … Buff and Bear was born and Salisbury now has a damn fine saloon.

Buff and Bear will be a small collection of pubs or bars, hostelries or saloons but whatever you call them they are places to sit, smile, relax and to throw off the weight of the world. We’ll feed and water you with the finest fare, all you need to do is to put away that phone, strike up a conversation and let the banter flow.

Go on, pull up a chair, we’ll do the rest.

Work with us

Good looking pubs, fine foods and the frothiest of pints all mean zip unless you have like minded folk who appreciate them as much as their customers. If you want to join our gang and help us grow something very special, just tell us what makes as great night (or day) out and tell us how we can deliver that every day. In the meanwhile send us your CV, we always want to meet brilliant people.


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Ed, The King of Culture has been running pubs since discovering the joys of working in them at University. He loves the banter of a bar, people who share his love of fine food and wine, the countryside, Modern Family, design, armchair sports, lawn-mowing, and bloody good pubs. He doesn’t like average pubs, me too restaurants, being late, window shoppers in your way, middle lane hogs or those whose cup is half empty.

Buffy, The Queen of Cool is the creative glue behind Buff and Bear. After years in the City managing lively youngsters she knows how to control her brood. She loves singing Mello Yellow, The Princess Bride, magicians, uniqueness, open mindedness, white hair, health and safety, family feasts, gardening, London, pavements and doesn’t like bad sound quality, boy racers, heights, shopping, mediocarity and her cup is always half full.

Shane is the Minister of Fun and his pint is always full! He loves being hands on and being at the bar. He has been running numerous pubs since the dark ages and his CV includes many legendary London haunts such as El Pacifico, The Cow, Notting Hill and many of the fine Geronimo Inns in London Town. He loves the detail of a pint of beer more than is natural, he does a mean Elvis impersonation and hates average food and those who don’t have a passion for wowing the customer.

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